Sound Healing Outreach

The Shimmering Sounds Foundation was founded in 2011 as a conduit to bring many forms of Sound Healing to individuals, non-profits, and communities who may have limited means, or may not have access to this healing modality as a complimentary therapy.

Since 2011 our members have donated hundreds of hours, giving crystal bowl concerts, educational workshops, group sound healing circles, and individual sound healing sessions to:


  • Public, Private, and Charter Schools
  • Cancer Treatment Centers
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Hospice Organizations
  • Memorial Services
  • Open Air Cremation Services
  • Military Bases, Veterans, and active Military Members
  • Churches and Religious Centers from diverse backgrounds
  • Community and Civic Gatherings and Celebrations
  • Music and Art Festivals
  • and many many more…

sound healing circlesIt is our hope to expand our outreach efforts now through a larger community of diverse Sound Healing Practitioners, Educators, and Lecturers.  All members of The Shimmering Sounds Foundation who join at the Practitioner Level and above will be supplied with resources and tools they can use to bring Sound Healing to their communities and circles of influence.  When Practitioner Members gift their services, they may do so under the larger umbrella of the Foundation.  We will assist in tracking the time spent by our members and the reach and number of people in attendance at these events and sessions.  We will also strive to be active in promoting our Member outreach events.

We are all in this together, and it is our intention to build a strong network of practitioners, supporters, and volunteers who bring the gift of Sound Healing to the world!