Bowls for Peace

In 2013, Leigh Ann Phillips and Robert Mandich donated a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl to the Thunder Song Peace Chamber in Gold Hill, Colorado.  After running the idea by our board of directors, the Bowls for Peace project began as a fully sponsored program of The Shimmering Sounds Foundation.

Birdsong Peace Chamber - Chester County, PA

Birdsong Peace Chamber – Chester County, PA

Sound Peace Chambers are the passionate creation of Joseph Rael. In 1983 Joseph had the vision to build a Sound Peace chamber, a kiva-like structure where people of all races might gather to chant and sing for world peace and to purify the earth and oceans. He built the first such chamber at his then-home, a trailer park in Bernalillo, NM, and shortly like-minded people began to build Sound Peace chambers in other locations. At present, Sound Peace chambers have been built around the globe. Writes Joseph, “My vision is that through sound we will bring about peace and other important vibrations. Sound can teach us a way to create without destruction.”

largepicIn the same spirit, The Shimmering Sounds Foundation Board approved the creation of the Bowls for Peace project. It is our aim to raise money to donate crystal singing bowls to many of these Sound Peace Chambers as well as to non-profit organizations, meditation centers, and community groups who strive to further the notion of Peace and Well-being through sound and sound healing.

Donations from our members go toward the purchase of crystal singing bowls at a discounted/wholesale rate, and it is our hope to also have Peace Mandalas from The Shimmering Sounds Collection of bowls etched on these donated bowls.

To learn more about Joseph Rael and Sound Peace Chambers, visit the following links:

Joseph Rael Peace Chambers Vision
Sound Peace Chambers around the World

If you are a member of a Sound Peace Chamber community, non-profit organization, or community meditation center in need of sound healing tools to assist in your work, please contact our Executive Director, Leigh Ann Phillips.

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