Board and Leadership

Leigh Ann Phillips, Executive Director and Founder

Leigh Ann Phillips“When I founded The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, I wanted to find a way for individuals and organizations with limited resources to experience the benefits of Sound Healing.  Since founding the organization The Shimmering Sounds Foundation has gifted sound healing sessions, group workshops and trainings, Crystal Bed sessions, and singing bowls to hundreds who would not otherwise have benefited from this work.  As a Sound Healer, Singer-Songwriter, Educator, and Lecturer, I’ve traveled internationally to help people release emotions from the body, as well as raise the level of health and well being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through sound.  When we hear pure acoustic sound, we shift into a brain state that allows us to not only relax, but to release emotional blocks that allow dis-ease in the body.  I’m grateful to my many teachers throughout my journey of sound healing – Dr. Mitchell Gibson, Tom Kenyon, Dr. Fabian Maman, people and the Earth, and the Crystal Bowls themselves.”

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Board and Staff

Robert Mandich, Board Member

Robert Mandich“I’ve spent the last 40 years as a master level sustainable architect and builder, and my work has included thousands of commercial, residential, institutional and alternative projects. My passion now is to design and build community sound temples employing the space, sound, and sense of place which fosters our well being, growth, and serenity. The Shimmering Sounds Foundation has arrived in Hawaii, and I’ve also moved full circle and am blessed to help the foundation grow in its services as well as support the growth of sound temples throughout this beautiful earth. I’ve worked with the bowls for several years onstage, on people, and on myself. I’m a principal in the architecture and general contracting firm “Sacred Earth Architects and Builders LLC”, and a principal of “Honolulu Consulting Group LLC”.

Jeannie Busalacchi, Board Member

jeannieb2“My journey with the crystal singing bowls began in 2009.  When I saw, heard and felt the loving vibration emanate from them, the message ‘I need to work with these bowls’ was nothing I could dismiss.  My passion for healing and bringing love and peace through the crystal bowls has enriched my life and those around me immensely.  I have worked with a woman’s shelter, have given individual healings, and performed in group concerts.  It is my desire to bring the world of the bowls to the children.”

Scott Schumacher, Virtual Assistant

Scott Schumacher“I’ve always been interested in the concept of “The Body as an Earth-Based Energy System.”  Working as a massage therapist and Reiki Master for many years led me to exploring ways of healing the Earth through shamanic work, Celtic and Druid practices, the sustainable wildcrafting of herbs and medicinal plants, and the use of crystals and stones in healing.  I’ve also worked with other grassroots non-profit organizations as both board member and administrator, assisting in fiscal sponsorship relationships, membership management, and sustainable living educational projects.  When I’m not designing web pages for others, I spend time at a family cabin retreat in northern Minnesota, where the Crystal Bowls are played before drifting to sleep for dreams, to heal and honor the land, to assist in an injured animal’s passing, and to ceremonially mark significant events and seasons of the year.”