Utilizing the Power of Sound, Music and Vibration for Brain Injury via the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

by Leigh Ann Phillips

image026Recently I had the privilege to be a guest blogger at TheBrainFairy.com, speaking about sound healing and the brain. They also mentioned my album, Dawn Mountain in another posting about Music as a Healing Tool After Brain Injury.

I wanted to share my blog post in its entirety as well, as it is based on a lot of the foundation of my work with Sound Healing.

“I call utilizing sound in a session a “sonic massage.” The sound literally goes through the entire body. You can literally feel the sound going all the way through. That is the vibration. With a regular massage, we bump up against muscles and other tissues. The sound and vibration are carried by something called the essentic wave. It is similar to how massage works. This “wave” works through touch and sound, which is why when we receive a Swedish massage our brain states slow. It is the same with a “sonic” massage.”

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Sound Healing for Animals

As our first official blog post, we wanted to share two videos of Leigh Ann Phillips bringing the sounds of the bowls to the animal kingdom, and to our four-legged companions.  The first is a video taken at the Honolulu Zoo, and the second is of a sound healing session given to Indy, Leigh Ann’s own dog-companion who has been dealing with cancer.

The application of Sound and Vibrational healing for animals is a practice which we are deeply passionate.  Enjoy the videos, and leave us a comment if you like!